How Long Does it Take to Acquire a Bartending License in New York?

With the numerous bars and clubs that dot New York, bartending is a viable option in as far as careers go or generating extra income. Luckily, the state of New York does not require bartenders to bear any form of special certification or licenses. Therefore, as long as the bartender in question is of an appropriate age, which is 18 years and older, you can serve as a bartender. The lux laws in as far bartending ensure that interested individuals can get a job bartending.

However, with the party crowd in New York having a wide variety of discerning tastes, and the need to follow the law governing alcohol serving and consumption, prospective bartenders are best served having undergone some training in bartending. Additionally, most bars, clubs and restaurants will require you to have some experience in bartending and or some form to certification to determine that you are skills behind the counter suffice to provide the best customer service and expertise.

When it comes to the amount of time you have to spend on bartending training, there are no regular periods across the various bartending schools. It all boils down to the intricacies of the course that you wish to pursue. The more robust a particular class is, the longer the session is bound to be.

For instance, for classes that focus on the laws governing bartending license NYC – only, you can expect to dedicate a few hours for the entire course. However, if you are interested in learning and mastering the art of mixing drinks; if you are interested in mastering mixing the majority of the favorite drinks, you can expect to spend quite some time in the job. As such, the amount of time you spend undertaking a course is dependent on the knowledge and the outcome you want.