The Mayo Clinic Diet Review

About the Mayo Clinic Diet Program

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a lifestyle changing program. The diet is designed to be incorporated into your life so that you can follow it every day. It focuses on eating less carbohydrates while eating more healthy fats to maintain weight and a healthy lifestyle.

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The Mayo Clinic is behind the design of this diet plan. This assures you that you are getting a diet that has been well researched. I love that this diet has 4 main components to it, a big part of it being goal setting and motivation. Research has shown, that the best way to lose wait and to keep it off is through goal setting. Goal setting gives you objectives to obtain and can help you feel more successful. Finding motivation and having a great support system are also a big piece of the puzzle. I am very glad that the Mayo Clinic has chosen to include both of these vitals roles of dieting in their program.

These are the four main components that the diet focuses on:

  • Eating Well

  • Exercise

  • Realistic Goal Setting

  • Staying Motivated

    The Mayo Clinic Diet Menu Plan

    This is just a sample of one of the diet plan menus. The menu plan is as follows:

       - One-half grapefruit or eight ounces of juice (unsweetened)
       - Two eggs cooked to your preference
       - Two bacon slices
       - coffee or tea (black)

       - One-half grapefruit or eight ounces of juice (unsweetened)
       - Raw veggies or salad and your preference in salad dressing
       - Your choice of meat

       - Your choice of meat
       - Red or green vegetables (cook veggies in butter) or raw vegetables or a salad
       - coffee or tea (black)

    Bedtime Snack
    Eight ounces of skim milk or tomato juice

    Foods You Can Eat

    There are not really any restrictions to this diet, which is great. Restrictions just create craving. as long as you stick to their pyramid, you will be doing everything right.

    Daily Servings Are:

  • Fruits - unlimited with a min. of 3 servings
  • Vegetables - unlimited, with a min. of 4 servings
  • Carbohydrates - 4-8 servings
  • Protein/Dairy - 3-7 servings
  • Unsatruated fats - 3-5 servings
  • Sweets -up to 75 calories a day

    The Cost

    The Clinic provides two books for your to follow they are The Mayo Clinic Diet: Eat Well, Enjoy Life, Lose Weight and The Mayo Clinic Journal for Your Diet.


  • A fully researched program developed by the Mayo Clinic

  • All items can be bought at the grocery store for easy shopping

  • Provides a lifestyle chande, not a quit fix

    The Cons



    The diet provided by the Mayo Clinic is an overall package. It really like that it has goal setting and motivational tips written into it along with healthy eating habits you can use for the rest of yoru life. This plan will help you learn how to eat healthy and have an overall healthier lifestyle. This is not a quick fix. If you are looking to lose 10lbs in one week, this is not the diet for you. You might want to check ou the Isagenix Cleanse if you are looking for more immediate weight lose solutions.

    I really do appreciate the Mayo Clinic diet and all that it has to offer. I think it is a great investment in anyone's health and life.

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